Testimonials and feedback from previous courses.

I enrolled on the Healing Intensive course not because I felt the need to be healed, but because my rational and quite sceptical mind had never quite understood the meaning of the word “shaman”. Over the 6 weeks, not only did I learn a lot about shamanism as a healing practice, but also about myself. By letting myself be guided deep inside myself, I learned some invaluable lessons about some of the destructive patterns which have been recurring throughout my life and how to break the cycle. What started out as curiosity turned out to be the most powerful and transformational experience I have ever lived. Jules facilitated the course with empathy, grace, humour and sensitivity and I shall keep a very fond memory of the course and the people I shared the experience with.       (E.P Yoga Instructor)

Hi Jules


I wanted to write and thank you for the soul retrieval and shamanic journeying work we did together recently.  The work we did together was very profound and its positive effects are still in my life on a daily basis.  I felt closely held and nurtured by your ability, your sensitivity toward your work and by your generosity of spirit.  


I turned to Shamanism because and wanted something for myself that I knew nothing about, so that my previous knowledge and analytical mind would not contaminate my experience. After all it hadn’t helped me up ‘til now!  That “rational approach” simply isn’t possible with this type of work with its drumming, rattles, singing and smudging. It was so refreshing and liberating and above all effective and lasting.  


I turned to you specifically because of the kind way you answered my first enquiry, it was a response in me that happened on a gut level and proved absolutely the right thing to do.


Thank you again Jules


All my best wishes for your continuing work and life


Pat Mason