Between Worlds


Learn about the history and cultural practices of the spirit walkers: the shamen, curanderos and witches of historic and contemporary lore.


Begin to trace and awaken your own heritage and lineages, which can be found within the diverse and common practices and bodies of knowledge available to us through documented experience and shamanic enquiry.


Embark upon experiential shamanic practices which will introduce you to the axis mundi of the shamen's map and the basic cosmological worldviews that men and women from around the world have depicted and described in their stories and art.  


Discover the role and arts of spirit walkers around the world.  How they contribute to their communities and how they have often been persecuted because they are recognised as guardians and protectors of the weak and disenfranchised; and of the earth and nature herself.


Learn about the vital role shamanic arts and shamanism can play in the environmental movement and spiritual activism.




Course Dates: contact for availability on upcoming workshops

''Jules has a way of weaving the intellectual and the intuitive which makes for a thoroughly stimulating experience. I came away with the feeling that I'd done important work and truly connected with self, spirit and the group. " Elli Pregenhenella, Yoga Teacher