Soulcraft: Healing Intensive

The Healing Intensive marks a period of preparation before learning the skills and tools associated with soulcraft.   These workshops give you the time, space and skills to connect with your authentic self; understanding that this journey involves facing aspects of the self which are obstructing or sabotaging your spiritual journey and examining and releasing old and habitual behaviours and beliefs which no longer serve or protect you.  The healing intensive prepares you to become the hollow reed; strengthening your connection with spirit and laying down secure foundations for advanced shamanic practices.

Standing motionless,

like the deer in the forest,

with such deep listening,

you see things as they really are

Course Dates:

''Meeting Jules opened up a new world. She was able to activate my creativity in relation to my spirituality allowing me to fully immerse myself into healing and my artistic practice. Not only I learned ways to heal myself but also to be aware of our collective potential in healing the current state of the earth. Jules will gently and supportively ease you into this particular kind of work which is grounding and much needed. ''    Virginia Russolo, Artist