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Mirror and Key

By @feathersforthegoosegirl, Sep 3 2018 11:02AM

When faced with illness of the body or spirit the traditional ways of modern society are to seek physical explanations and to treat illness with a prescription. Shamanic healing brings us out of the new age and allows us to compliment, enrich and deepen the modern ways we engage with illness by returning to age old ways of spiritual healing and soul doctoring, familiar to shamanic healers around the world.

Shamanic healing addresses the spiritual and soul aspect of emotional, mental or physical illness: to identify how spiritual and energetic power has been lost; to restore lost power; and to find ways of working towards a sense of balance again. Healing ceremonies can allow you to access the ordinary everyday reality of situations through an entirely different perspective; in a sense shamanic healing presents you with a unique mirror and a handcrafted key - the mirror shows you a reflection of the spiritual and energetic appearance of a situation and the key enables you to move through the situation in a way that engages your full creative and imaginative powers, to cross the threshold into previously unimagined spiritual and soul landscapes at once foreign yet deeply familiar.

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