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Shamanic Arts for Earth Dwellers


The Flowering Tree

Knowledge itself is a flowering tree.  Learn shamanic skills and methods; gain experiential knowledge; and study the collective and shared wisdom of individuals and communities who have previously offered teachings on soul craft and shamanism.

Wilderways shamanic workshops are taught and delivered by Jules Christie.  Jules lives and works in Oxfordshire. She offers shamanic healing from Healthy Oxford and is a regular guest at Wood Festival.  

Copyright Jules Christie, all rights reserved 2015

''Meeting Jules opened up a new world. She was able to activate my creativity in relation to my spirituality allowing me to fully immerse myself into healing and my artistic practice. Not only I learned ways to heal myself, but also to be aware of our collective potential in healing the current state of the earth. Jules will gently and supportively ease you into this particular kind of work which is grounding and much needed. ''    Virginia Russolo, Artist