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Shamanic Arts for Earth Dwellers

Barefootdancing shamanic workshops and healing sessions are delivered by Jules Christie.  Jules lives and works in Oxfordshire.  Over the last ten years she has offered shamanic healing and workshops from Healthy Oxford, Eau de Vie and the Yoga Barn and she is a regular guest at Wood Festival.  Please contact her at to arrange a healing session or enquire about workshops.

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''Meeting Jules opened up a new world. She was able to activate my creativity in relation to my spirituality allowing me to fully immerse myself into my artistic practice. Jules will gently and supportively ease you into this particular kind of work which is grounding and much needed. ''    

Virginia Russolo, Artist


''Jules has a way of weaving the intellectual and the intuitive which makes for a thoroughly stimulating experience. I came away with the feeling that I'd done important work and truly connected with self, spirit and the group. " Elli Pregenhenella, Yoga Teacher


2020 upcoming events:



Releasing Addictions and Transforming Depression with

Shamanic Healing


To register interest or book a shamanic healing session contact